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Locomotive and Transit

Locomotive and Transit

Casting Capabilities For The Locomotive and Transit Industry

Matrix Metals supplies high quality, engineered steel castings to the Locomotive and Transit industry.

Capability highlights:

  • 32,000 tons annual global capacity
  • Casting weight range 1 – 17,000 lb
  • 75+  metal grades produced
  • Market sensitive lead-times
  • Multiple CAD and casting simulation software licenses
  • Highly engineered castings from prototype to production
  • Multiple manufacturing facilities to provide regional sourcing to global companies
  • Single source for value added services: Machining, Assembly and Warehousing
  • Onsite Upgrade and NDE capabilities: RT, MPI, UT, Dye Pen and BHN
  • AAR M -1003 compliant
  • Institute of Supply Management (ISM) – Rail Industry Forum Certificate
  • Certifications (including but not limited to): ISO 9001

Sales Contact

For Enquiries, please contact: info@matrix-sanmargroup.com

About Round bottom - Sanmar Matrix Metals